Feb. 15th, 2020


Parallel and alternate universes born into existence by countless imaginations were originally thought of as fiction; that was until someone from one was pulled through a test portal. Scientists were dumbfounded by this, the original intention of the portal was for quicker space travel, but instead it allowed others from parallel and alternate universes to cross over into our world. Enter Test City, a city set outside of Roswell, New Mexico where scientists have decided to pull people from different worlds together to see how they will react to different environment stimuli. What they weren't counting on was some of the topography, buildings and beings of their worlds following after them.

How will these people survive? How will they get along inside the walls of Test City? More importantly will they figure out why they're here or how to get home?

Feb. 3rd, 2020


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• Please make sure that the character you are applying for is not taken or has already been applied for.
• Read over the rules and FAQs.
• Applications are not screened.
• Request membership to the comms here, here, and here. Please also friend the mod journal here.
• Copy and paste what's in the textbox below and place it into a journal entry within your character's journal. We also ask that you have up an OOC contact/screened post at the time of application.
• Adds will be done every few days, if it's been more than three please feel free to poke the mods and see what's going on.
• When you're ready, drop off a link here to the entry which has your completed application.


Your Name: (or an alias)
E-Mail/AIM/OOC Post: (a way to contact you)
Time Zone:
General Availability:
Example(s): (an example of at least three (3) paragraphs or more, example journals are fine as well and they do not have to be of the character you are applying for. Please make sure this is a 3rd person threading/log example so we have a feel for your thread/log style. Examples are not needed if you are already a current member.)


CANON POINT: (actual point in source material character is arriving from)
PERSONALITY: (this is where you show us that you know your character. we're asking for at least three full paragraphs of information about them, their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses)
HISTORY: (a wiki-link is fine, though we do reserve the right to ask for a more detailed history if we feel that the wiki-link is lacking. it will not be due until a week after your acceptance though.)
INVENTORY: (what they had on them at the time of abduction)
PRIOR GAME HISTORY: (if applicable)


Need to contact a mod in regards to plot, hiatus, etc? Please drop that off here and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

points system

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Feb. 3rd, 2015

character drop

Is a character not working out for you, or do you need to leave the game for any reason? Fear not, you can drop your characters here. Copy and paste what's in the textarea to a new comment, and the mods will take care of it as soon as possible.


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